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Annika has always lived through music. Her mission is to make music that expresses the beauty and power of vulnerability, which invites you to feel and embrace more of you.


Born and raised in Sweden, she has visited over 20 countries and spent the last decade in the USA, Ecuador and France, seeking to know herself through the richness of other cultures.


Her original songs and expression are inspired by her unique life story.  Having gone through several traumas at an early age, among them a ski accident that led to five years of struggles to relearn how to walk, Annika was forced to meet the most painful parts of herself in order to heal. By doing so, she discovered the raw beauty in expressing and embracing all of herself, and her music is a reflection of her rich inner world.

Her songs are born through her grief, joy, love, anger, gratitude and very heart.


Annika is a producer, composer, songwriter/lyricist, engineer, as well as an independent artist. She plays the cello, ukulele and guitar, and sings with deep emotional presence. She released her debut EP Inside 2016, and proceeded to attend Gotland School of Composition, where she composed music for woodwind and brass orchestras. She is currently studying at the Music Production Program at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, and preparing the release of her second album, All I Am.

Photo: Michael DeFranco

"When I listened to Annika, I felt like God was singing right to me. Song after song, she ripped the tears right out of my eyes. I had just left work two hours early to take care of important business with my rv. The second I heard her I couldn't leave. This phenomenon, is rare. Her range and control completely enchants, and I can't wait to hear her again."

                                                             - Tony Gonzalez

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