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All I Am Facebok Album out Now
All of You is Welcome Here Wix + FB omsl

All I Am is OUT NOW!  

Get your signed physical
or digital copy today!

I pray that this music will be your companion.
That it will be with you in your hard days in confinement, quarantine, and in your deepest holes of brokenness and loneliness. In the cracks of your shell, in your bare humanness, I pray that it will meet you there. I pray that it will be like a soothing balm to your soul.

I pray that it will accompany you in your joy and excitement as well, and soar above the clouds with you, dance with you, and rejoice being alive with you. I pray that it will inspire you to smile, sing, cry and express.

Thank you for listening. Thank you for ordering.

It is out!

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The Song of Profound Heartfelt Gratitude - Official Video

"The music is wonderful as is the woman making it. We are lucky to have Annika Winberg in this world when she visits because her world is larger than it is for most of us..."


- Robyn Bors Veerart

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